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'The Bird House'




Exhibition Dates: 13th April - 23rd May


The Bird House - this is a work in progress as Celf-Able's artists make an installation and video piece building on from their highly succesful 'The Bird Company' performance at ArtWorks Cymru conference.


Each artist will have a large cardboard box as a 'room' to furnish and decorate, and these will then all be joined together to form the bird house. The artists will continue the bird theme from the performance to exemplify and explore each artist's barriers to participation in everyday life. The Centre Celf gallery will provide an open studio while work is being created and then 'The Bird House' will be exhibited when completed.



Down the Line


Gwanwyn Project


Exhibition Dates: 1st June - 11th July


Gwanwyn is a month-long national festival held across Wales in May each year celebrating creativity in older age. The festival began in 2007 and is supported by Arts Council of Wales and Welsh Government.


Throughout May, we will be running a month-long programme of workshops at Celf o Gwmpas. Workshop Dates: 2, 9, 16 & 23 May 2017


This series of inclusive workshops are aimed at adults for adults with a range of support needs aged 50+


The workshops will include a train journey to the Museum of Lost Content, collecting images along the way. The surplus workshops will be spent exploring the collected images to create a body of work to exhibit for a final exhibition, such as screen printing, painting and collage.