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Gwyneth Rose has been working as a textile Artist since the late nineties when she completed a BA Hons degree in Applied Art at the University of Hertfordshire.

Gwyneth Rose specialism is working with rust in her textile work. She makes hand felted garments, quilts and wall hangings which are either coloured by rust or inspired by one of  her many images of rusty machinery. She often machine quilts her work or use free machine quilting to add texture to the work.

In addition to her rusty textile work Gwyneth Rose also create more traditional quilts and wall hangings using both English paper pieced patchwork and/or American block patchwork. Gwyneth Rose does use hand quilting on occasion but much prefers to use machine stitches in her work. She likes to decorate her pieces using a wide range of 'colour to fabric' methods such as block or lino printing, painting and dyeing.

Gwyneth Rose is also skilled in other forms of Textile work such as knitting, crochet and weaving and often incorpoates these techniques into her work.