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Celf o Gwmpas Artist Network

Welcome to our New Artist Network Page

The Artist Network’s aim is to provide a service to artists and practitioners individually and collectively through networking, marketing and a programme of opportunities and events to aid and further their practice.

The Artist Network is predominately for artists living and working in Brecknock, Radnorshire and Montgomeryshire, although this is not exclusive as Celf o Gwmpas works with artists on a national and international level. We want to establish a network that allows cross-pollination of ideas, opportunities and training, creating a more uniformed connection of the arts in Powys and further afield.


Since 1998, Celf o Gwmpas has been working to build up significant understanding of both the needs and aspirations of our participants. In this time, we have employed freelancers, artists and workshop facilitators to deliver high quality arts projects that has enabled us to build a pioneering approach, develop and strengthen good practice as well as test out new ideas and practices. To build on this, we want to celebrate the artists we work with, as well as encouraging new connections with artists working across the visual, applied, literary and performing arts.










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