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Celebrating Dawn McIntyre's Artistic Talents!

By celfogwmpas, Dec 11 2017 12:14PM

Dawn McIntyre, who has resided in Coelbren (Powys) for ten years was selected as our latest Emerging Artist at Celf o Gwmpas. Being an artist in residence, Dawn had a clear vision for her exhibition, which is to be unveiled in February 2018.

Dawn studied art at university level and went on to earn an associated master’s degree. After then going on to train as an engineer in Blackpool, Dawn began to find her artistic niche in combining technology, design and classic art forms. It was this passion that Dawn was able to best live out during her stay and work in Botswana, Africa. These learnings and life experiences have only added to Dawn’s natural orientation in the arts and world of design.

As an artist in residence, Dawn represents an important local icon in representing the interests of Celf o Gwmpas, Disability Arts Cymru and the Arts Council of Wales. Dawn, clearly talented artistically, was awarded a bursary to fund the use of a flat and a studio to showcase work relating to her brave survival of a life-threatening head injury. Having survived a devastating brain haemorrhage, Dawn drew on the positive and aptly devoted herself to a project which inspires both hope and faith called ‘Sanguis et Capillum’, which translates as ‘Blood and Hair’.

Throughout November, Dawn set out to work on developing self-portraits based on the above-mentioned theme. By using various samples of other individual’s blood and hair, Dawn has creatively incorporated these into her self-portraits. As Dawn further explains, we may all be individuals, however, we are also deeply interconnected. Thus, her choosing to opt for a more provocative manner in representing her self-portraits is now proving to be one of the most anticipated exhibitions in 2018!

We invite all of you to join in us in February 2018 to view what will prove to be an unforgettable experience!

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