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Celf o Gwmpas signs up to new Powys Lotto

By celfogwmpas, Jul 18 2019 01:57PM

Powys Lotto is a new lottery that Powys County Council have launched to help people support the huge range of amazing local charities that improve lives in Powys.

We are happy to say that you can directly support Celf o Gwmpas by signing up to our Powys Lotto page.

This means that 50p in every pound comes directly to Celf o Gwmpas and 10% goes into a community chest which all good causes signed up to Powys Lotto can apply to, so you could be helping us twice – just with your one pound! As a player you know that 50% of your money goes directly to the causes that you support.

We think this is a brilliant way to support local charities and give yourself a chance of winning; so it’s all wins all round!

Players are encouraged to sign up with a direct debit so that you just do it once and then you know that you are regularly buying tickets, helping Celf o Gwmpas and giving yourself chance to win the jackpot of £25,000! Each ticket is £1.00 per week.

It’s just a few pounds to the player, but to us it is incredibly valuable regular income. Regular income means that when we set our heating budget, we know that a percentage can come from our fantastic lottery supporters. Regular income means that we can afford to offer local groups very reasonable rates when they book our lovely building and that in turn helps their work. Regular income means that we can put more of our funds directly into our innovative, life-enhancing projects for people in our community who, for example, live with dementia, or who have learning disabilities.

It’s just a few pounds to the player, but your tickets, bought directly from our Celf o Gwmpas Powys Lotto page, will make a big difference to us and the groups who use our building.

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