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I’ve been a self-employed artist, educator and art facilitator since 2006. Before that, I worked in charity campaigning and marketing in London, evolving into community engagement projects in Bristol. I draw on planning, communication and evaluation skills from my former life when organising and delivering workshops, exhibitions and community arts projects. My art practice lends itself to group work and I’ve worked particularly successfully with adults with learning difficulties at Celf and at Orchard Studios in Bristol. I’ve led a few workshops with older people and would like to do more.


The core of my art practice is the thoughtful combination of small objects and colours to make exuberant artworks confined in a pattern or framework. I draw on the domestic traditions of fabric re-use in patchwork, mending and embroidery, extending this to the re-use of packaging and paper, and continual re-circulation of old artworks into new ones. I work with fabric, paper, paint, glue and stitch, sometimes incorporating found objects.


My qualifications include: BA (hons) in Art History and English Literature (1983), PGCE in Art (1984), Advanced Certificate in Marketing (1996), Foundation Diploma in Art (2006), Award in Adult Education and Training (2015).






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